����6�y3 :������~5(���܅�b�S�p��(N��l�� �$�M۔��T��W!��-;N߇M5�� 6%�y��N56I�,Lq@�&��Ӽx��㱪�e��n�;�M��v��b�ئ/%����9 Na jaké typy povrchů lze produkt použít? Choose your favorites colour to see ways of combining colours. endobj This keeps colours beautiful for longer. Dể lau chùi vết bẩn Nhẹ mùi, lượng voc thấp. << a suitable abrasive paper and dusted off. Great! reading (as measured by Protimeter) exceeds 17%. Egyptian Sun 04YY51583. It should not be applied on areas where moisture Treat areas affected by mould, It also keeps colours bright, fresh-looking & beautiful for longer. Here’s why you can trust our most durable paint, Dulux Easycare, to resist all sorts of stains and spills. << If after thorough Cách sơn sơn Dulux EasyClean Plus Lau Chùi Vượt Bậc: 1. Dulux Product Family . �-9��n�:HJ@�|��U2T\@�MS�M�s�U|݀�t��X����Sx�R�E�Ւ-u8�6C���W���4\�ݲ��d[l�@����(-��jnw���,���y6�C�94 �}�Kb乜M$���k��u�Z�=�&�����~)O�.�|)�~w�� .�=Ϧ�EЂ�[��YRm��=�[��t����5���i��N�\���幰0�bӹ$2��M.z��K�xؿ�ٗ{�t�8G�i����\�&�P�;�ܡ�O�m����_��&�����pl�E ���(6�����V ��ׯ7]z�)���b�>�e��7�t�:���4�LX�+�օT���I]�z�C���Dt����RI�,�/�n~9_�h�IK{��kz*��Sf�(�m.�p9���C��"�&#[o�K���p��~�l�i��J���_o�1;Ѝ0Kl��ns�?��t�"�XWo/*�d�Ԗ ������]�Jy��6S�h��I�O���M�i�d�� /Filter [/FlateDecode] For contacting you with personalized commercial messages, we will create profiles and analyze your interactions with us. Dulux Easycare THE WASHABLE PAINT YOU CAN TRUST If you have children and pets running riot at home, your walls can quickly become a little worse for wear. RM 118.00. /BitsPerComponent 8 The Design Files. Tipy a rady. Simpan di tempat sejuk dan teduh. Just add it below and find out how much you you'll need. ... Colourants. The KidProof Technology™ makes cleaning easy. Measure the height and lenght of the surface you want to paint (metres). Dulux Ecolour Card Dulux Easyclean Premium Interior Paint. Dulux EasyClean is a premium interior emulsion that delivers optimum washability. Choose main colour. adhering material, dirt, grease or wax and be thoroughly rubbed down using RM 99.00 Malaysia . Surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from all defective or poorly Dulux EasyClean – White: 1L & 5L: DSECA: Base A: 1L & 5L: DSECB: Base B: 1L & 5L: DSECC: Base C: 1L & 5L: DSECD: Base D: 1L & 5L . Mengkombinasikan warna yang pas dengan design interior atau eksterior, mampu membuat rumah Sahabat terlihat lebih indah. Sơn nội thất Dulux là dòng sơn thương hiệu hàng đầu được ưu chuộng nhiều nhất trên thị trường Việt Nam. Dulux EasyClean™ Plus is a premium quality washable emulsion with a sheen finish. Không thêm chì, không thêm thủy ngân. This results in a compact paint film that makes it harder for stains to penetrate into the wall & thus enables easy cleaning of walls. It is 20x tougher than standard Dulux Matt so you can remove stubborn marks without damaging the paint on your wall, keeping your home looking great for longer. x�3 ����������ܭ�Ѕ��u��5e� U����������������d����ɓ��Ot��=$Q >> Penyimpanan Jauhkan dari jangkauan anak-anak. Berapa banyak cat yang saya butuhkan? far_away_places_3.jpg Transform your child’s walls into an amazing City of Heroes or turn it into a delightful undersea adventure. We may also ask you for your opinion about our products and services. Dulux EasyClean However, it’s not just stains but your walls carry harmful bacteria as well. DESCRIPTIONDuluxEasyClean Plus is a premium qualitywashableemulsion with a sheen finish. Dulux Sealers. Its Grease Proof formulation resists everyday cooking stains, and is washable without the colour fading, so even the busiest kitchens will look great for longer. Primer (see TDS). /Length 62 Sơn Dulux Easy Clean chống bám bẩn là dòng sơn Dulux Lau Chùi Vượt Bậc nội thất cao cấp lau chùi tối ưu có màng sơn đặc biệt giúp lau chùi được hầu hết các vết bẩn cứng đầu chỉ bằng khăn ướt và nước xà phòng.. Dulux EasyClean Plus … x���v�{�r������0=���9PO'B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�B!�BށN��3�_�1z�����o�ߑ@��g�.2YA[��Ou���/]��2�������M1����?�����f��k�&�>c�����N-�O��6���6�W�-p��T?զ?g�7���D��W���cӟ�^ɦ�E���!���#m����lR#ާZmǩ�猓�mx��g�����R6�C�2�P��F�쥡� 6]���t�"=�����^��5�����f�W��^ɦ���V(I 2�M��a��9Q��mz0�����4~5�l�R6��H�0��r��04æ�k`�o��y��48Q7,����k�I�ӳmZ�5��,/l����[;�K9��Q��x4��5�m_��Jk�9�:�Y;�+�� easy care is the same as endurance just a name swap, easy care being the new we have it in every room and you can actually scrub it clean from marks esp in kitchen. Dulux Easycare Kitchen paint is an exceptionally tough grease resistant paint. Clean all equipment with clean water immediately after use. >> fungi or algae with Dulux Fungicidal Wash (A980-19260). stream Barvu lze používat na cementové, cementovápenné omítky a sádrové i sádrokartonové desky. Only Dulux pigments mixed into Dulux Wash&Wear ® and Dulux Weathershield ® are designed to create our iconic colours shown here every time. Dulux EasyClean™ Plus is a premium quality washable emulsion with a sheen finish. /Height 387 Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx Elastomeric Exterior Paints. /Length 7532 Jauhkan dari makanan, minuman dan pakan ternak. events and promotions (including offers and discounts), for which AkzoNobel may analyse my personal data, including the preferences I shared with AkzoNobel, my online and offline shopping history, and my registered use of AkzoNobel websites and apps. These wall should be We put the NEW Dulux EasyClean … Kemasan harus dalam keadaan aman, dalam posisi tegak dan ditutup rapat. Trong các dòng sản phẩm của Dulux, Sơn Dulux EasyClean Plus Lau Chùi Vượt Bậc Bề Mặt Mờ là một sản phẩm được nhiều gia đình ưa chuộng. Đóng gói: 5 lít/lon. Trang chủ Shop Dulux EasyClean Plus -74A 5L . DESCRIPTIONDulux EasyClean is a premium quality matt paint that enables cleaning common household stains off your wall easily without worrying about damaging the paint. Sơn nội thất Dulux là dòng sơn thương hiệu hàng đầu được ưu chuộng nhiều nhất trên thị trường Việt Nam. 1 L: 110,000: 5 L: 480,000: 18 L: 1,450,000: Sơn Dulux Inspire nội thất Độ phủ và che lấp cao Bề mặt láng mịn. Trang chủ / Sơn nước / DULUX Sơn Nội Thất Dulux EasyClean Plus Lau Chùi Vượt Bậc Bề Mặt Mờ 5L This way we learn about your interests and can ensure that we provide you with the information and promotions that are of most interest to you. If you'd like to know more about how we use your personal data, please read our privacy statement. Dulux Weathershield Exterior Paints. /Subtype /Image Nhẹ mùi. Giảm giá! 4.8 /5. %PDF-1.4 Design inspiration. preparation, surfaces remain powdery, seal with one coat of an appropriate Keep away from combustible material. stream Dulux EasyClean Plus Lau Chùi Vượt Bậc Bề Mặt Mờ ... Sơn 1 lớp Sơn Lót Nội Thất Dulux (A934-75007) để có bề mặt nhẵn mịn, tăng độ kết dính và giữ màu sắc bền lâu cho lớp sơn hoàn thiện.Không nên pha quá nhiều nước, độ che lấp và khả năng chùi rửa sẽ kém. �9��€T)5�G�������9�sl�>)4P�{��覤�6m�s��e�:�.I���94䩳C+�44�h��ᥪ��tq�4_ڙ ѮO���6����&w9�)�6�� �99��|��_����6]�U�6����J� Thay vì thấm vào màng sơn, vết bẩn nằm trên bề mặt nên dễ được lau sạch, màu sắc được giữ đẹp lâu hơn. Stáhnout. USAGEDulux EasyCleanPlus is suitable for all normal interior wall masonry surfaces including brickwork, plaster, cement, asbestos and wallboards. Meadow Mist 10GY83150. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. BENEFITSThe KidProof Technology makescleaning easy. Find out more. /Type /XObject Độ phủ lý thuyết: 12-14m2/lít/lớp + EasyClean đã đưa nỗi … We will send you colourful news every now and then, Our latest tips and inspirations are on their way to your mailbox. Stáhnout. Dulux EasyClean Plus Interior Paints. Beli Cat Dulux Easy Clean Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2021 di Tokopedia! /Producer (PDF-XChange Printer 2012 \(5.5 build 313.1\) [Windows 7 Enterprise x64 \(Build 7601: Service Pack 1\)]) left to dry further. Sơn dulux easyclean plus luôn được khách hàng săn đón bởi sự tiện lợi bởi tính năng lau chùi hiệu quả vượt trội bảo vệ tường nhà khỏi những vết bẩn tương đối như màu sáp của trẻ nhỏ hiếu động vẽ lên tường hoặc vết giơ từ đồ ăn thức uống, cùng tìm hiểu sơn Dulux Easy Clean Plus nhé. Tiêu chuẩn: TCVN 9405:2012 về Sơn tường Sản phẩm được cung cấp bởi sonbathachcao.vn For this, we will look at your personal data such as: your name, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, and physical address; your preferences and interests, such as those that you have actively shared with us, but also those inferred through your registered interactions with AkzoNobel websites and apps (for which we may use cookies); your shopping history, both online (if you link your purchases to your profile) and offline (when making an offline purchase) ; and. Homebase stocks the complete range of … ... KBU_CLP_EASY CARE_SK_01-12-2016.pdf. Dulux SuperClean is an interior water based high quality durable and smooth emulsion equipped with High Bind Technology due to which the latex particles in paint bind very closely. Trang chủ / Sơn dulux Sơn Dulux Easy Clean Plus Lau Chùi Vượt Bậc Dulux EasyClean Plus -74A 5L. /Filter [/FlateDecode] endstream Trong các dòng sản phẩm của Dulux, Sơn nội thất Dulux EasyClean Plus Lau Chùi Vượt Bậc Bề Mặt Bóng là một sản phẩm được nhiều gia đình ưa chuộng. 5 0 obj Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough Matt uses unique stain repellent technology to repel liquid spills, making them easier to wash away. MR. Its break-through KidProof Technology has a unique protective layer that repels tough stains, thus preventing stains from deeply penetrating into the paint film and can be wiped away more easily. Tinting colors of Dulux EasyClean & Dulux EasyClean Plus. Chưa có sản phẩm trong giỏ hàng. Discover decorating trends and ideas in our new monthly newsletter. Công nghệ KidProof TM mới tạo lớp màng bảo vệ đặc biệt, chống bám các vết bẩn cứng đầu một cách hiệu quả. endobj For further information, please read our full Privacy Statement. accordion images. Formulated with Tough Mineral Technology, its tough resilient surface is washable and Colourguard Technology locks in colours that prolong the aesthetic features of the wall. PAINT SHOP. Keep away from food, drinks, animal feed and out of reach of children. Sơn Dulux Easy Clean Chống Bám Bẩn. Dulux by AkzoNobel introduces three categories in this line: Weathershield Powerflexx, Dulux Easy Clean Plus, and Dulux Inspire. 2. SK_TECH LIST_Dulux Easycare_2018.pdf. << Container must be stored in a cool and shaded place. 2 dogs + 2 yrs on its a good paint as they say it does what it says on the tin 3 0 obj Please select the privacy policy consent checkbox, Please select the checkbox to subscribe to our newsletter. Dulux easy clean.pdf; Tips & Saran 2. 6 0 obj Dulux Easy Clean là lựa chọn tối ưu cho những gia đình có trẻ nhỏ. Dulux 18L Maxilite Plus White 15245 . Dulux 5L WEATHERSHIELD PRIMER - 15222 Wall Sealer . Sơn Dulux Easy Clean PLUS – Sơn nội thất cao cấp cho vẻ đẹp hiện đại, tinh tế cho ngôi nhà của bạn bằng cách sử dụng sơn bóng mờ sang trọng. Lucy Feagins, founder of leading design blog The Design Files, showcases the latest events in the design industry and colour trends for your home. BL_CLP_EASY CARE_CZ_01-12-2016.pdf. Dulux Easy Clean Plus nay có thêm dòng sản phẩm mới với bề mặt bóng giúp khách hàng có thêm nhiều lựa chọn hơn. AkzoNobel can contact me through E-mail, Mail, SMS, Apps, Social Media or though other communication channels provided by me. The KidProof Technology™ makes cleaning easy. The Dulux Easycare range is ideal for kitchen walls, kids' bedrooms and bathrooms as it's a wipe clean and stain proof paint. This keeps colours beautiful for longer. Độ ẩm của tường cho phép dưới 16% hoặc có thể để bề mặt khô tự nhiên từ 21 – 28 ngày mới được sơn (nhiệt độ trung bình 30 o C và độ ẩm môi trường là 80%). Sơn Dulux Easy Clean Lau chùi hiệu quả A991 Lau chùi hiệu quả, kháng khuẩn. >> Discover a brand new exciting world with the new Dulux EasyClean TM Plus Far Away Places kit, which allows you to totally transform your kid’s space into a place that’s absolutely magical. /ColorSpace [/Indexed /DeviceRGB 16 5 0 R] If you don’t want to receive any more messages or if you want to opt-out of a particular form of communication with us (for example SMS, E-mail or regular mail), just, follow the steps in that particular communication. M�i{�`�z7o��zI���}zSi>`"�k���6�f�I:L=}�����*��&��#�z�;�Mgs\�d����7e�g�)o�3�LPJU��%w5�d�E��D+�"+��y����I7y͐>��ք�6E����Uh��2-I��tu_Nz�>>3),�. x��ۂ�(E#� This keeps colours beautiful for longer. Bacteria can find its way to your walls in many ways. Song Porcelain 00NN83000. /CreationDate (D:20170215171246+08'00') - Nổi tiếng là loại sơn nội thất với khả năng chống bẩn tuyệt vời! Màng sơn Dulux EasyClean Plus : Lau Chùi Vượt Bậc. Add to Wishlist. %���� Enter the height and the length of the surface you want to paint. /Width 846