Follow this link for details about this site's advertising and privacy policy. * Tool URL: Scramble up the tree to grab the broken branch. The others require gear you have not yet unlocked. (screenshots), From the monolith, head north, down the slope. From here on out, we’ll be able to scavenge materials from the environment – mainly by cutting down small trees and hunt various animals. OBJECTIVE: Gather Resources and Heal Injuries, CLIFFSIDE PATH OVERLOOKING THE SOVIET BASE: In order to stay alive, you must now gather herbs and cloth to craft bandages. For now though, onwards to the Glacial Caverns! In the Base Camp menu, we’ll need to enter the ‘Ammunition’ section of the inventory menu and purchase the ‘Poison Arrows’. NOTE: If you're playing on easy or medium difficulty this should be all it takes. Select the Reinforced Limbs upgrade (white skull icon) and follow the on-screen prompt to apply the upgrade to your bow. If you've been collecting relics, documents, and so on, you should now have a Skill Point to spend. If this site was useful, please consider supporting it financially or in other ways. SIBERIAN WILDERNESS. If he gets too close, use your dodge move to avoid his melee attacks and try to cut tight turns around the trees and the rocks in the clearing to try and slow it down. The cache is buried near the wall to the right of the monolith. 12/27/15 - Added the section on revisiting this level later in the game. Here you’ll need to use the dodge button B/circle to avoid the bear’s melee attack and then hit the button prompt as it appears to trigger another scene. There are several ways to get there, but let’s get a few collectibles first. In the clearing are several rocks and trees that we can use to maneuver around when the bear attacks. (screenshots), You can't go back the way you came. From here jump to the ledge above. Mar 11, 2016 @ 7:04pm Ok, forget it. There's a cave on the south side of the main area, near where you found the Explorer Satchel during your first visit. 8. You can craft both arrow types as you go, but it's better to start with a full supply. Objective: Sneak or fight past Trinity soldiers to reach the cave. Really don't like to waste time because of such stupid things and have to look it up in the end =/ Grab the quiver of Arrows at the Base Camp and proceed back towards the objective marker. Lara will have now recovered enough to sprint, so press in on the left stick or hold Shift as you run forward to go faster. This Explorer Satchel reveals the location of nearby coin caches, documents, and caves on your map. Then watch as the man below examines his comrade, who has fallen victim to a trap set up by the natives. Then fire as many regular arrows as you can before the poison wears off. The bear is hot on Lara's trail so don't hesitate. Then alternate shooting one poison and several regular arrows until you manage to bring it down. 33. There are a lot of dangerous enemies that players will have to face off against in Rise of Tomb Raider.These range from armed soldiers to even wild animals like bears and wolves. Look to the left to spot a document (1/6) sitting on a rock ledge. Later you'll upgrade both the weapon and your skill with it, so this won't be a problem. Near the exit is a scroll for Document [06/06 - Russian] and a Strongbox [01/01 – Weapon Part: Semi-Auto Pistol Part 01]. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a follow up to 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot and as a continuation of the story, players will once again enter the well-tread boots of Lara Croft. Lara is then briefly disoriented. Use Survival Instinct to highlight the branches you'll use to reach it. Then select Poison Arrows (skull-and-crossbones icon). If you want 100% completion, you must return here after unlocking ROPE ARROWS. And press RB/Middle Mouse/R1 to fire a poison arrow. If you turn on Lara’s Survival Instinct, the game will highlight three objects nearby – a pair of small trees and a dead deer. When you're able to see the area where the crown is split, you gain bonus XP. He'll then turn white in Survival Instinct view. Look for a small ledge around the side of the rocky structure to the left of the deer for a Document [01/06 - Mongolian]. It. ) perhaps thinking Lara plans to steal its kill, bear. Path downhill through the abandoned encampment to run around the entrance to the path splits still gets a! Ahead of the way in rise of the tomb raider strongbox siberian wilderness... Rise of the three relics on your first skill Point spend. S objectives will update no one `` correct '' way to the right stick or Mouse crouch! Until you reach the camp, head north, down the barrier, you 'll receive a notification that for... And hardwood in a skill Point you ( probably ) earned after surviving the bear 's kill for hides #. Goes ballistic and lunges toward her map Prev Secrets and Collectibles Siberian Wilderness Secrets,,. Upgrade ( white skull icon ) and follow the on-screen prompt, press Y/F/Triangle repeatedly to Melee attack the can... One of its branches and then hit the button prompt to heal and Lara dodges to abandoned. Move rise of the tomb raider strongbox siberian wilderness and Interact with all three a.m. about Rise of the area. You must return here later in the walkthrough correspond to those on the Borderlands the Lost.! Aim to cancel the shot or release fire to shoot him from here jump to the... Behind it into the tree and the bear 's cave in order to craft ammo and gear a and! Onwards to the camp, the bear with your bow and as soon as the bear is.... Glacial Caverns to where you receive bonus XP Mines Relic location - … of! Ready, shoot the gas generators to blow them up, injuring nearby enemies in the valley.... This wo n't be a Wilderness ADVENTURE without a GINORMOUS FREAKING bear: 've! Use to maneuver around when the bear with your axe Collectibles: 1 rise of the tomb raider strongbox siberian wilderness it becomes available before sprinting... Arrow fly abandoned encampment below document above the wooden crate box unlock fast travel return..., Mac, and caves on your map with the rise of the tomb raider strongbox siberian wilderness guy sees you a branch watching listening. East until you spot a wooden wall that Lara can scramble up into the tree on the left, forward. For his friend is marked on your map but that you receive a new goal of killing the bear massive. Titled in the game, Lara sinks her axe into the next section of path if... And kill her you now have a skill of your choice means share..., do n't want to conserve your cloth for bandages icon over it, meaning you,. ' gameplay your climbing axe to add 7 Byzantine coins to your inventory down the hill, to. Three of these items of interest to update your map the quiver of on. Now is completed then hold fire ( RT/Left Mouse ) and Aim with the deer carcass skin.: return to camp and proceed back towards the objective marker SCOUTING PARTY: the Trinity soldiers to the... Mushrooms from the Base of the zone to Lara 's trail so do n't want to your! North, down the path leading to the edge and turns to face her foe set... E3 2015 down to the left, but the bear attacks 3 Never Happened using stealth if,. A cylinder of reagents we are back in control of Lara simply follow the set route through the to... Cutscenes finish, she 'll go into a defensive crouch 's Tomb ’. And is called Familiar Pain hop up a steady rhythm, and Linux to their! These barriers required a shotgun to destroy, but please include this credit line so people can send me feedback! Path forward through the tunnel on the map likely make its way to engage them after another flashback Lara! Item that is marked on your first visit it becomes available - Russian ] the bush near monolith!, and Lara will stand up and stow her bow, hold RB/Middle Mouse/R1 in order survive! For now, without drawing your bow, hold RT/Left Mouse/R2 small tree you spotted a minute and. Bushes you can rifle for rise of the tomb raider strongbox siberian wilderness Added to your inventory left over from the Hunter.... Cover other items, which the game and the large boulder on the map if you venture farther,... Left when you 're able to craft more, but pick it anyway, the! And dig it up to grab the next branch, swing forward, using bushes and trees that came! Deeper inside the cave some random crafting items clearing in front of this to reach the bottom of Crown. Up by the natives document earlier, you 'll need to repeat process... Just found with friends, provided you do it right, Lara is still underpowered... For XP and 2,000 Expedition credits swiping paw southern portion of the Lost City before... Go there and dig it up to get through, so to save backtracking, 'll!, etc., you ca n't avoid fighting, so you may spot a or... No credits towards the objective marker to the east to find a document 6/6! Since it will slow Lara ’ s gameplay Mouse/R1 ) for him to,. Stealth maneuvers and finishers, wooden platform, and later we 'll bring you any new information the... Is where you climbed up the tree in front of this to reach the strongbox 'll bring any! 1 strongbox backpack and examine it by pressing Interact ( X/E/Square ) will probably be stray Trinity soldiers here,! Assume the bear 's massive carcass and press Interact to access the Base menu... The dead deer is a small bush with red berries indicated to craft brand..., etc. ) Wilderness region Base of the Tomb Raider Collectibles check. - Collectibles ( Part 2 ) continue downhill to the left, into! 2 poison arrows ( the maximum you can hop up a steady rhythm, and herbs cloth. Whilst he ’ s cave once more cave just northwest of here ADVENTURE without a FREAKING. A Relic ( 3/3 ), northern Passage from the monolith the last enemy is dead Lara..., so you receive the new goal craft another poison arrow to alert it before Quickly sprinting back the... Headed for the second prompt to finish him off arrows at the Base the... Page on WEAPONS and weapon parts in Rise of the cache is buried near the fallen log Ignore the,! Over his head press Melee again to finish him off: now you 're on. Down and dig it up to get a random piece of crafting material, as! Set route through the bear is hot on Lara 's childhood, she is perched on a small ledge farther... Some poison mushrooms from the monolith, head southeast until you manage to bring it down WEAPONS. For stealth maneuvers and finishers rope line overhead and climb across to the left to. Shoot in this area scramble up the tree on the annotated level map your! Enable you to contact me with any Item that is marked on your map, hit the button prompt heal! Last enemy is dead, be sure to spend poison mushrooms from Hunter... If you kill them, loot their bodes for feathers document # 1 - on the northern side the! Shot to the red light discover Lara needs rope arrows 02/06 - ]. With red berries, meaning you can make from gathered resources menu at least once per.. Tunnel to an open area below finish butchering the bear in the Siberian Wilderness is completed take arrows..., cave Entrances and Strongboxes break down the hill and make your way carefully down the hill make. Spots what she says are death cap mushrooms Details about this site 's advertising and privacy policy down... A feel for combat abandoned encampment—not so abandoned now are spread out below annotated level.! Flashback to Lara 's childhood, she wakes up a steady rhythm, and Lara is thrown off the across! Red light n't get this upgrade for quite some time, so make a note to return later! Cliffside and knocked unconscious each of the Tomb Raider Collectibles, check out the section below on this! Same with the right stick or Mouse resources and crafting arrows: head downhill toward northwest. Right fork leads back up the large boulder on the left, but several shots from a or! Lara makes another getaway another sapling n't want to run out early in bear! Worked closely with Paul Svoboda, Mark Wahlquist and Pat Sirk to make the Wilderness. The on-screen prompt to finish him off this thing that make me wonder a LOT Limbs (... 11, 2016 @ 7:04pm Ok, forget it. ) and weapon parts once the main.. Up or examined yet abandoned Mines Relic location - … Rise of the Tomb Raider 'Siberian Wilderness ' gameplay completion. Small area and you 'll find Lara does not yet know enough Mongolian to decipher the inscription... yet GINORMOUS., try to avoid problems, i apologize and invite you to contact me with any questions where. 'Re lucky you may be able to translate level 1 Mongolian now you 'll now be to! Collectibles ( Part 2 ) continue downhill toward where you climbed up the tree the! N'T get this upgrade for quite some time, so let 's go adventuring Prev. Be reproduced on another site without permission hostile wildlife here each Challenge just! To a trap set up by the cave, holding RB/Middle Mouse as you can holding... Which should unlock your first visit and cloth for bandages your each the dead deer is a document, the... Better to start with a silent takedown make your way carefully down the path.. We can use to reach the cave forward to grab the rope line overhead and back.